Martin de Porres

St Martin de Porres: a beloved memory

“My dear brother, please tell your friends to go into the garden, and I will bring their daily sustenance there”. The speaker was St Martin de Porres, whose feast day this is; his interlocutor was a mouse who had taken up residence in the priory of the Holy Rosary in Lima, Peru, where Martin was […]

Marie Knudtzon

Friends from the Magic Mountain

These’s a short version in English of a much longer article in Norwegian recently completed for a forthcoming book. How miss Marie Knudtzon T.O.P. made it her life’s work to found a Dominican monastery in Oslo together with fr. Ambrosius Lutz O.P. They became friends in the sanatorium of Grand Hôtel Leysin 1905-1907 (where the film […]

St. Martin de Porres, Donatus

Posted by fr. Augustine Thompson op  on Dominican Liturgy blog As some readers know, I am currently on research leave (commonly. but incorrectly. called “sabbatical”) from my teaching at the Dominican School of Philosophy in Berkeley.  The project I have been working on will, I hope, result in a history of the non-ordained Dominican brothers.  Today these […]