maître master fr bruno cadore

International Assembly Fatima 2018: message from Master

Voici la lettre du Maître de l’Ordre aux laïcs qui allez préparer l’assemblée internationale du laïcat dominicain Bien fraternellement, Télécharger la letter Carta del Maestro de la Orden a los laicos que prepararán el congreso internacional del laicado dominicano Fraternalmente, Descargar la carta Here the letter of the Master of the Order to the laity  who will […]

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Digital Media - Rui Lopes Message

fr Rui Lopes: Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale!

English – Français – Español – Italiano Fr Rui Lopes sent greetings for the holiday. He invites the Dominican laity to pray for peace and to participate in the forum of the International Assembly. Dear Brothers and Sisters In this very important period I wish to send my greetings to you and your families. I assure you […]

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TV2000 Radcliffe

Radcliffe: “Believing even in the time of fundamentalism”

Interview with fr Timothy Radcliffe op published in the newspaper “Avvenire“. This is a summary of the television interview on the TV2000 channel (interview in Italian). Both newspaper and television are owned by the Italian Episcopal Conference. (interview translated by Ruth Anne Henderson) Conversation between Monica Mondo, Italian journalist, and the former Master of the Order, […]

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ACLDF Africa

General Assembly of Lay Dominicans in Africa

From Thursday16th to Sunday 19th November 2017, the first General Assembly of Lay Dominican Leaders in Africa was held at the Convent of the Dominican Sisters of Aåfrica, Rebero, Kigali – Rwanda. We’ll just give you a short summary. INTRODUCTION: The African Council of Lay Dominican Fraternities has amongst its responsibilities the mandate to ensure […]

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