Tangco official WUCT delegate to UN operations

The World Union of Catholic Teachers (WUCT) or Union Mondiale Des Enseignants Catholiques (UMEC) announced that Prof. Belen L. Tangco, O.P., PhD, a faculty member of the UST Graduate School, is the official representative and delegate of the said organization to the United Nations and in all other world organizations for the years 2017 to […]

Pomeriggi alla Minerva

Afternoons at the Minerva

At the Priory of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, the series of meetings under the title “Afternoons at the Minerva” is starting again. The topic will take us to the extremes of theological and anthropological research, investigating the disorientation of humanity in the face of the latest scientific discoveries. The meetings will range from the […]

Papa Francisco Santa Sabina Lent

Message Lent / Message Careme / Mensaje de Cuaresma

English – Française – Español The Holy Father finished his homily on Ash Wednesday at St. Sabine with an unusual  expression: “polvere innamorata“, which the Holy See translated into English with “beloved dust“. This expression was used by Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645) in a sonnet where he spoke of death.This expression has touched many of us […]